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How does one know when one is in the “right” relationship? Sure, there are voluminous books and articles out there that point to the external signs of positive relationships. But what about the internal markers? Can we really be in wholesome, positive and productive re...

Not all news about black men is negative. For decades now, we’ve heard negative news coverage, data, conclusions drawn by social scientists and even some in our own community that the black man in America is dangerous, deviant and dysfunctional. The media will peddle s...

In April of 2018, I wrote an article for this publication entitled, Adam, Where Are You: Why Black Men Have Quit the Church. That article pointed to four major rationales for why brothers have stopped attending church weekly, including too much judgment in today’s chur...

In 2008, author and fit pro W. Eric Croomes made the decision to improve his health.  At that point he was almost 200 pounds – which at five-feet and nine inches and in his forties – wasn’t healthy.  Croomes made a plan and stuck with it; watching with utter amazement...

A criticism is the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. We live daily in or on a bubble of criticism or at least the fear of being criticized.

Criticism moves on a loop; we get an idea, take action and meet success. At...

How do we get what we really, really want from life? This question presupposes you already know what it is you want; now to the next stage. How? In some philosophical circles, the emphasis is not on ‘how’, but rather the ‘what’ or ‘why’ of our aspirations. ‘How’ is sup...

When you look at a beautiful building, you may wonder how it all came together and where it began. Our life is similar: often we wonder how we got to where we are, good or otherwise. But, like the beautiful building, it started somewhere and it came together in many di...

The world is not short on coal, gas, food or clothes as much as it is short on positive people. We need more POSITIVE in the world, more people who will open themselves to their experiences and resist the urge to extract negative.

In short, we need more people who will...

To ‘affirm’ is to declare it so; it is a positive declaration that validates what we believe to be true. In short, an affirmation is our truth. It cannot fail, it cannot be untrue, and there is no element of capriciousness to it. We believe it with every ounce of energ...

The venerable Maya Angelou once wrote, You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. No truer words have ever been uttered! When it boils down to it, think about how many people you know who’ve been ‘reduced’ by li...

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