The Psalm One Man Also Rises

September 27, 2019





When a man ceases to advance in his thoughts and ideals, his forces immediately begin to disintegrate and his countenance gradually registers these changing conditions, writes Charles F. Haanel.

I have seen such a man whose visage was once brilliant as the sun, whose fortitude was so strong, yet, when he emerged from vicissitude, his smile was upside down; there was no longer a gait in his step – he had, for all intents and purposes, been down so long that down seemed up. He was a defeated man, bruised and bullied by the winds of challenge and change; his dreams had given to rot and his aspirations had gone the way of oblivion.

Such is the plight of a young boy, when life clips his wings; when he can only dream about soaring but can’t, but for the weight of despair. He must fly, for that is where he belongs, in the air, where eagles soar. He must look inside, for there he will find the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars.

A man is brought down when he fails to remain faithful to his vision; he then frettingly sinks in the quicksand of fate, having lost his bearings in a world bent on his destruction.

A man is brought down when he cannot decide whether to be positive or negative, when he oscillates between the two like a ping-pong; for one can be pitiful or powerful, but one cannot be both. For, if a man would live a long, peaceful and noble life, he cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about a beautiful life.

A man is brought low when his faculties have been overwhelmed by conditions unfavorable to his dreams and he at once ceases to engage in right-thinking. For thinking is a man’s right, his well-spring of life and nurture. If a man does not think right, he is doomed; he becomes a vassal of the enemy; he immediately gives up his stature and dignity.


But the Psalm One Man also rises. He rises because the favor and fellowship with God rises within him.

The Psalm One Man also rises. Power is never granted to a man; it is discovered within and extracted for use against the external forces which seek his demise. Yet, if he does not recognize this power, he is a blank gun, forced to react against the predators that seek his demise.

The Psalm One Man also rises. Consciousness will cause a man to rise and shine, a knowing that he is connected to something cosmic, something not discovered within the earthly realms, but rather a Higher Power – not something ‘up there’ but something ‘in there’.

The Psalm One Man also rises. A man’s predominant mental attitude will win the day; it will cause him to rise above the society-imposed limitations; he will see that he is invincible; he will not fear criticism or anything else; he will pound barriers to pieces and never be afraid. He will summon his God-given courage.

Ultimately, the man brought low, the man brought to his knees by his own ignorance, by his own slavish desire to fit in – ultimately this man can find his redemption! He can straighten his back; begin to think powerfully about his condition and then move forward unhesitatingly into his future.

His children will look up to him, his wife will nurture him and those who once readied his obituary will now be forced to contend with a brand-new creature, a life-force armed with the latent possibilities of empowered thinking!

The Psalm One Man also rises.






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